Top Tips for Hiring the Best Wedding DJ

Where To Begin Your Search? 

Just as there are hundreds of wedding bands in Ireland, there are also countless wedding DJs. As a couple seeking to book one of these suppliers you either want the very best premium wedding DJ or you’re on a budget and looking for a great DJ at a great price. You could start by submitting an inquiry with one of the many directories that list numerous DJs such as, Mrs2Be, Wedding Journal, Weddings Online or As the first port of call you should check with your band to see if they provide a DJ service. You could end up finding your premium DJ at a great rate too!

Should You Ask For Samples Of Their DJ Work? 

Some wedding DJs (not all) may be able to provide you with audio samples of their mixing style which can be helpful. Be wary though as it mightn’t always be obvious if the DJ in question has actually mixed the samples themselves. So who can you trust? Well, ask to see some verified five-star reviews from real couples (just like you!) They are the ones to trust. As a wedding band with multiple awards, PLAYLIST… your dream band! frequently receives rave reviews about our exceptional interactive premium wedding DJ service which you’ll be pleased to know is highly affordable compared to many standalone DJ suppliers.

Give Your DJ Your “Do” and “Do Not” Playlist 

It is extremely helpful to any DJ if you can provide a handy list of your musical preferences in advance of your big day. Nobody knows your wedding guests better than you, right? Remember to take into consideration the number of guests who will be in attendance and try and also factor in the variety of musical tastes in the mix. This is something your DJ will probably be in a better position to gauge. Avoid the temptation to get angry with your DJ if they don’t play all your requests – they’re just trying to keep the dance floor full… some songs no matter how amazing they are simply aren’t suited to dancing. Your DJ knows this (or at least they should!!) If you absolutely must have a particular song or songs played even if you know it will empty the dance floor then be sure to let your DJ know this – no credible DJ wants to intentionally spin a floor killer 🙂

Ask What Equipment They Use For DJing 

A good workman doesn’t blame his tools 🙂 In a nutshell, it doesn’t really matter what the DJ is using to mix as long as it sounds great and the dance floor is full. You may not know this but it is actually possible to DJ using free apps on your smartphone – but just because the app is free doesn’t mean the person using it is a great DJ. As important as the decks is the sound and light equipment used by your DJ. Top of the range Pioneer decks going through a cheap PA system is pointless. Equally a dodgy laser or fit-inducing strobe light in the corner does not an awesome and memorable atmosphere create. Most reputable professional wedding DJs will have a coordinated programmed lighting show to complement their amazing song selection. PLAYLIST… your dream band! use the same high-quality top of the range sound and light equipment for our professional DJ service as we do for the band performance – excellence from start to finish.

Pricing (You Get What You Pay For) 

Like anything in life there will always be someone offering more for less… undercutting the good guys and trying to get you to part ways with your hard earned cash. Love light signs, LED dancefloors, DJ for the whole day plus a free sweet cart and a photo booth thrown in for good measure – all for the sensational price of blah blah blah BEWARE! It’s impossible for a supplier to provide quality and consistency across the board when (if you break it down) they’re actually making a loss. Look – if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. We offer our professional wedding DJ service for your late night reception as an optional ‘add on’ for less than the average cost of a wedding DJ according to recent surveys about the cost of weddings by Bank of Ireland and Weddings Online. We also guarantee a premium level of service with awards and five-star reviews to prove it!

Is It Better To Book a Wedding DJ and Band With The Same Company? 

We think so! Of course, this isn’t always true. Like all suppliers, there are good and bad. Check if your band actually DJ themselves or if they’re simply outsourcing the job. If your band has a competent professional DJ in their line up then you’re on to a winner. Imagine, the band’s DJ can actually pick a cracking set of tunes to complement the band’s set without repeats and with the added advantage that they already know what really works with your guests so they keep the dancing going until the wee hours.

A Booking Contract Is Essential 

As with all suppliers, ensure you obtain an email or written contract to confirm your booking. Without one, there’s every danger you may be left with an empty stage and dance floor on your wedding night. If you’ve booked your DJ with your band a single booking contract for the full day should suffice but make sure you’ve confirmed the DJ service with your band and that it’s referenced in your booking confirmation.

One Last Piece Of Advice?

Bring some flats – you’re going to need them 🙂 Why not consider placing a basket of flip-flops beside the dance floor? It will encourage your guests to kick off their shoes and ‘bust some moves’ on your wedding night. On second thoughts… oh go on then 🙂